Director :

Jean-Philippe Lecointe
Tel : +33 (0)6 32 43 51 78

Vice director :

Daniel Roger
Tel : +33 (0)3 21 63 72 06



EA 4025EA 4025

Université de Lille

Université d'Artois

Région Nord Pas de Calais



The experimentation : at the heart of the philosophy of the LSEE

The LSEE research group stands out thanks the strong experimental color. Boosted by J-F Brudny, this systematization of the experimentation has many advantages for :

- validating the results obtained with theoretical models,
- training the PhD students,
- being attractive to the industrial partners.

The equipment, bought with the lab funds or thanks regional or European grants funds, constitutes the platform S3E (Structure and Eco-Energy Efficiency). Since February 2012, this platform has integrated the "EUA European Platform of Universities Engaged in Energy Research" (Within the European Energy Research Alliance EERA)

The symbol of this dynamic is the 125 MW turbo-generator of the lab. Donation of EDF R&D, this large machine make it possible to study complex phenomena such as the impact of the leakage flux on the frontal parts of the magnetic circuit.

Le turbo-alternateur du LSEE

The LSEE has now a solid experience in the building of the experimental devices. Some industrial partners are accustomed to work with the staff of the lab where are implemented very specific models or prototypes.


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